Core Lab: Interaction (Section G) - Spring 2015 - Parsons - Class Server ARCHIVE


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/alyson NETID carda965
/chewon NETID chewon
/christian NETID carac254
/cyrus NETID rac459
/dominique NETID devid765
/elizabeth NETID capre733
/gabriela NETID carng328
/hyeree NETID hyeree
/jeff NETID scudderj Teacher
/jin NETID jin
/katie NETID deank609
/lees264 NETID lees264
/madhav NETID TA
/natalia NETID malin427
/nikola NETID jocin362
/sofia NETID olars106
/stella NETID simj959
/thomas NETID kims869
/yael NETID bieny972

Hot Tips

1. Run a local webserver on your machine, or preview webpages on a mobile device.

2. Uploading your website to this server.

3. Cloning or downloading another user's website from this server.